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From the record to the result you need...

About Us.

Grafiskās Vides pasaule LTD is a company with a simple goal - to create great videos. Our video shooting arsenal features BlackMagic Ursa Mini Pro cameras with resolutions up to 12K, allowing everyone to see even the smallest details. It's also modern practice to use a drone, whose perspective gives your story a light and unusual perspective.

To make our videos even more viewable, dynamic and stable, we use a DJI Ronin 2 stabiliser. The DJI Ronin 2 gives us the freedom to move around and achieve a smooth, professional image that makes your story even more exciting.

In addition, to add creative dimensions to the final result, there is the option to use the company's Kessler rail with camera motion control system. It allows us to create dynamic, precise and exciting shots, giving the video a unique visual touch.

For sound recording, we rely on industry-professional microphones from DPA, ensuring that every sound moment is heard clearly and beautifully. This means that whether you're talking about your business or an idea, the sound will always be loud, clear and high quality.

Efficiency and accountability.

We do not rent our own equipment, because we want to ensure the best results by combining technology with creativity. Owning our own equipment helps us to deliver fast and high quality results.

Our commitment: excellence and quality

Our guiding principles are simple - deliver quality, uncomplicated and with a smile. We believe that with this approach we can create videos that will delight you and your audience. If you want high-end video editing and great audio design for your final material, then we are your choice. With our experience and creativity we will create memorable results for you.

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